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Related article: Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 09:12:08 EDT
From: Kevinmjoaol.com
Subject: Family Experiment 2All rights reserved. You may not sell or post to another site or copy
without the permission of the Author. You must be of legal age to read.
contains Male on Male unprotected sex which may lead to the loss of a cum
load. I am not a professional writer so there will be spelling mistakes
and grammar mistakes. If these do really distract you from the story stop
reading do not flame me please I already know you are wonderful. Support
Nifty.org with a few dollars to keep this site up and cuming. Kevin Kelly
kevinmjo under Author's for my list. write Kevinmjoaol.com
state your age in numbers for legal reasons. This story is a fantasy.
John's words hung heavy in the air between the three Brothers. Never had
one of them ever in their wildest dreams imagined such words would be
spoken in the Kelly household. Kevin was looking from one then the other
of his two handsome Brothers trying to gage their reactions. Then to his
delight first Dean then John followed by himself burst out in laughter.
Sean of all saying "Now that is an offer I am glad to say in music to my
ears" Kevin said "Well Sean the Man gave us a time limit here of five
minutes to agree on a Family orgy between the three of Us so do You agree
then? Sean had a broad smile slowly spreading across his handsome face.
he said simply "You can count me in and I'll even do You the honor John
of being the first Kelly Cock to cum in your tight ass" John looked at
his Twin Brother and then reached out to hold his hand and said " I know
well in advance Sean that it will be a fine tome for the both of Us" They
now turned to look at Kevin. He said "As if there was ever the least bit
of a doubt? Of course I am in with the Family experiment"
The three Irish Brothers walked following Sean as always the leader
into the first floor bed room that had been the domain of their Mother
and Father. Sean wanted this room because it had a bed that Da had made
for himself. He was a big man and the bed was made no less then 10 feet
long and wide enough to hold five people lolita bbs lo guestbook in comfort. Of course the sheets
were hand made as were the pillows. The room had its own large bath room
with a shower extra large as well. Perfect for the three strapping
Brothers first tryst.
Kevin was feeling strangely nervous now that the tryst was at hand.
His stomach full of butterflies as he sat there on the bed between his
two brothers taking off their boots.
He could smell the scent of men who worked hard and now had an honest
days sweat on them. John the big one must have picked up on his younger
Brothers feeling and gently tapped his foot against Kevin's saying "Relax
boy and just let this all happen"
Sean looked over and had a warm caring look on his face as he said. "
We've all been buggered by the School teacher Mr. McClean and I am sure
he broke You two guys in as well as he did my own self? They all laughed
at that one and Kevin was feeling more relaxed now proof was his growing
hard cock still in his pants.
John ever the show off that he was stood up and announced He would
give the others a fitting strip show. Slowly he was undoing the buttons
of his shirt showing more and more of his big pthc russian lolita 9yo pec's so firm and round and
well built. Smooth and tight was his bare chest. Sean stood up now and
was preteen lolita bikini pics
running his hands all over John's big pec's and moaning his delight.
Kevin stood next to Sean and was holding and feeling John's incredible
six pack of ABS. So rippled and strong. John's was moaning like a bitch
in heat at the strong manly set of hands all over him. He was undoing his
belt now and then the top button of his pants. this did not go unnoticed
by his Brothers who's eyes were both fixed on the show. Down over his
hips came his pants revealing his hard dick in his tight white briefs. Oh
what a sight that was. The tick big dick head so well out lined in the
briefs and the thick cock shaft and big set of balls showing so nice in
the briefs. Kevin reached down and took john's big balls in his hand
cupping his Brothers balls. John looked at him and gave him a kiss
enjoying the feel of his big balls in the kid Brothers hand. Sean was not
to be left out. His big hand was now feeling his twins thick bush of
black pubic hairs and taking his brothers bare hard long cock root into
his hand. his hand firmly inside John's briefs. John looked at his twin
and whispered "Oh Sean its a dream come true you doing this to me"
Kevin knew his Brother John was the best build man for 20 miles
around known to all as a Man's man and none were ever foolish enough to
dare take on John Yet here was Kevin holding his balls and feeling his
powerful bare ABS. Kevin had to move his hands from the big balls as john
was pulling them down exposing his bare cock and balls to his two stud
brothers for the first time. " My Lord all Mighty" Sean let out with
seeing his Twins bare big ass dick. " In the name of God man how fucking
big is that thing? John smiled with Irish pride saying "Last I measured
it. the thing was just under 10 preteen nude lolita links inches long" Kevin had hold of that
monster cock now and said "I and as thick around as a beer can"
Sean was proving himself an Ass man as he was already fucking a
finger into his Twins hole. John was looking at him and said "Now Sean
looks as if We know You'll be doing the honors of fucking me first? So
let's see what the meat You'll be serving up looks like? While Kevin was
holding John's cock and balls in his hand now. Sean was stripping off his
shirt and down with his pants and underwear lolita bbs lo guestbook
all in one motion. Both John
and Kevin gasped at the beautiful sight of Sean's monster cock. The two
may not have been identical twins other wise but they sure were just that
in the dick. Sean's was an exact copy of His twins cock. The same flared
cock head and the thick as a beer can shaft. Balls the size of large
eggs. Only Sean had the Red hair and John the black hair you would never
be able to tell the one monster cock from the other.
John had his hand on Sean's cock even as Sean was still stepping out
of his pants. Kevin laughed and said "Well looks like You two will have
to stop calling me Little Bro." He was holding his own bare cock now for
them to see. Kevin's was more then and inch and a half longer then the
two of them His big cock bent down and to the left while the others were
straight as arrows. His head was like theirs a big mushroom head. John's
free hand was now on Kevin's bare thick cock as he exclaimed. " Holy God
we are going to need a gallon of grease to get that monster up inside me
Sean was now moving to Kevin and wordlessly knelt before his Kid
Brother and Kevin feed his bare thick cock into his Brothers mouth. Oh
the feel of that warm wet mouth all over his cock was driving him crazy
and feeling touching his handsome Brothers head of red hair as he was
fucking his bare cock into him was so wonderful.
then john was beside his twin and under licking Kevin's big hairy balls.
Sean was reaching down with is long arms and touching, feeling Kevin's
feet. John's hand's were working up and don Kevin's tree trunk hairy legs
as he was eating his balls.
Sean ever the leader said "Time for the real fun Boys" He took
charge got hold of the KY and laid out the plans for them. He wanted to
repeat something he and two other Friends had done once or twice. John
would be on the bed on all fours and Sean would fuck his cock into John's
hole. Once firmly filling his twin with his dick then Kevin would Mount
Sean and fuck his own monster cock into Sean's hole. They all stood there
cock's in hand as Sean was telling them. john smiled and said. " Well we
had better get to it Boys cause I am ready to pop a load already. Hell
guys I've got to say I am already so happy we are to have this new
As Sean was mounting John's rear Kevin was beside john and feeling
his big bare dick and the looking as Sean's monster mushroom cock head
was going into John's tight hole more and more of that thick dick was
fucked into John. Sean was saying "Oh so wonderful so tight and so nice.
Oh yea tighten that hole around my big cock Bro." Kevin knew Sean's bare
dick was now hitting against John's prostate. he could read the
expressions on John's face as it was happening. Oh he loved the way john
was pushing back on the assaulting hard cock entering deep inside him.
Now Kevin got up from his perch and Sean said "Oh yes Kevin put that meat
of yours into me Please.
The other two stopped and stayed still as lolita tiny nude xxx Kevin lined up his bare
cock head to Sean's angel lolitas nude censored hole then as preteen models forbidden lolita Kevin pushed his cock into Sean's tight
hole feeling his Brothers male pussy lips around his big dick eating in
his invading cock meat, Sucking in his manhood surrounding his meat.
Kevin was now all in all 11 plus inches of his meat inside his Brother
and Sean was lolita models nude 3d moaning saying. " Oh God it is so wonderful Kevin what a
cock you've got on You man Oh yes Kevin fuck me hard buddy fuck me Kevin"
The three Irish land owner Brothers picked up a rhythm as cock was
fucked in and out pushing in out in out and them cum was being fired hard
fast strong Sean into john's hole then Kevin's cum firing round after
round into Sean's tight hole. John was moaning and cuming on the sheets
as his ass was filling up with the thick cum of his own twin Brother.
Kevin kept his cock on and in Sean's hole until it got soft and fell out
on its own all wet with his cum. after Sean pulled out of John's cum
soaked ass hole his new pussy the three Brothers headed for the living
room and a few beers while they would build up more cum to share now with
each other. Kevin already dreaming of his two twin Brothers fucking their
big dick into him.Write kevinmjoaol.com
You must give your age for legal reasons. Moving to Montreal in June 05
so look for a new address on later stories after that.
Kevin Kelly Philadelphia and Montreal
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